Made in Germany

An internationally recognized seal of quality.

The city of Pforzheim

Germany is world-renown as an incubator for cutting-edge technology, high-performance engineering, and horological progress.

It all started in the 1700s, in the city of Pforzheim, where skilled artisans developed some of the most advanced timekeeping instruments.

Designed in the Netherlands

Meanwhile, the Dutch had already cultivated a deep understanding of the arts. Today, they are regarded as one of the most influential countries in the art-world, renowned for their clean, smart, and minimalist designs.

Our creative touch is intrinsic to our Dutch background, and our connection with artistic progress.

Made in Germany

We encapsulate both our German and Dutch origins and honor the deep history of each culture.

We take pride in our multicultural heritage and embody the continuation of both journeys.

Our watches are assembled in Germany and carry the “Made in Germany” label: a guarantee of quality and precision based on strict criteria defined by law.