Our Story

It all began with some sketches.

A journey starts with an idea

Established in 2019, REISER was founded by Hicham to design iconic watches. Driven by passion and perseverance, he is determined to stay consistent with producing high-quality wristwatches.

His story begins with an idea. An idea that is bold enough to inspire – and audacious enough to embark on. An idea that stems from a conviction to develop a watch that challenges the status quo.

This is REISER’s journey

Our story is a fearless desire to connect you with horological traditions. It is about a watch that stimulates a drive for adventure – a quest for new limits.

It is about a watch that pursues the unknown and encourages you to seek discomfort.

This is your journey

It is a story of shared values and a celebration of the world’s diversity, heritage, and cultures. It is about a watch that unlocks infinite opportunities while creating a new sense of purpose.

This is a unique story that we have already embarked on together.